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7M+ contains seven main ingredients: Turkey Tail, Chaga, Shiitake, Lentinan, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, and Reishi.

This product does not contain: yeast, soy protein, sodium, starch, artificial coloring, preservatives, or flavoring and it's also GMO Free.

It's a convenient supplement that may help boost your immune system using medicinal mushrooms.

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  • Ingredients shown to boost digestive health, immunity, skin & joint health
  • Great for those with sensitivities and allergies
  • Scoop into water, stir, consume. Pure (unflavored) is amazing in Quinoa : )
  • Free of Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Grain, Nuts & Tested free of GMOs
  • No yeast, corn, starch. No artificial coloring, flavoring, preservatives
  • 90 Day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back

Pure (unflavored):

20g gut-friendly protein. No Carb, No Sugar.

Natural Vanilla:

20g gut-friendly protein. Low Carb (2g), Low Sugar (1g)

Natural Chocolate:

20g gut-friendly protein. Low Carb (2g), Low Sugar (1g)

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EL Essential Oils

A breakthrough product line in the world of essential oils. These pure 100% Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Essential Oils are sourced from the world’s finest organic plants, and do not contain any dangerous, potentially toxic contaminants.

Each oil in this revolutionary line has a variety of uses, and since these oils qualify as some of the absolute purest on the market, they can be safely used in a lot of ways other oils cannot.

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Premium organic California-grown grapes double-fermented to maximize resveratrol, polyphenols, enzymes, and other nutrients…

High-enzyme kiwifruit specially dried so its loaded with polyphenols and the powerful enzyme actinidin that can’t be found elsewhere… 3 plant and soil based probiotic strains that improve digestion, boost immunity, and defend against bad bacteria and toxins…

An infusion of fulvic and humic acid that carries nutrients directly into your cells while ridding your body of toxic heavy metals.

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EpiGreens is a revolutionary new green drink that is in a class of its own. Packed with 71 fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs and spices, EpiGreens is far ahead of the pack in not only ingredient quantity, but also in nutritional value.

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17 different essential enzymes that improve digestion, relieve pains, and can potentially lengthen your life by as much as 30%!

Plus high-enzyme kiwifruit specially dried so it’s still loaded with polyphenols and the powerful enzyme actinidin that can’t be found elsewhere, and premium organic California-grown grapes  double-fermented to maximize resveratrol, polyphenols, enzymes, and other living nutrients.

 Plus an infusion of fulvic and humic acid  that carries nutrients directly into your cells while ridding your body of toxic heavy metals…

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With 21 uniquely fermented vitamins and enzyme-activated minerals… 36 fermented organic superfoods and botanicals… and the infusion of fulvic and humic acid…

FulviMAX is the first true breakthrough in a “multi-vitamin” in decades because it delivers maximum nutrition to your body’s cells like no other multi-vitamin possibly can (nothing else available even comes close!)

Enjoy the powerful health benefits you deserve from your multi-vitamin and order your FulviMAX today.

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We’ve taken centuries old knowledge of the healing properties of frankincense, myrrh and “gold” turmeric and combined them into one of the most potent new anti-inflammatory supplement systems known to man.

And now you can bring those ancient healing properties into your life with Epigenetics Labs new Magi-Complex!


The Optimoxx 2-part system is the easiest, healthiest, and most effective way to detox your body and supercharge your health!

Each package you’ll receive contains both Optimoxx 1: Colon & Lymph System Cleanse and Optimoxx 2: Liver & Kidney Cleanse. And the protocol is easy to follow. Just take Optimoxx 1 the first two weeks, and Optimoxx 2 the next two weeks.


Fermented Organic Turmeric… Fermented Vitamin D3… Fermented Organic Turkey Tail Mushroom… Fermented Organic Ginger… Ashwagandha Extract… Fulvic Acid…

What this synergistic mix of powerful ingredients that are fermented using multiple unique processes means is the most advanced, most bioavailable, and by far most beneficial turmeric supplement for your body available anywhere… Turmeric 3D!

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